Product Differentiation


In order to sell your product you really need to stand out from your competitors.  You can differentiate your product based on price, quality, durability or reliability. The essence of all these differentiation methods will be to establish your product as unique and desirable in the minds of the prospective consumer.

The most powerful (and often overlooked) way of differentiating your product in the modern day is based on Trust. If you can convince your clients to trust your company and philosophy then they will definitely be brand loyal. Continue reading …

Implementing the 4Cs of Social Marketing with Call Tracking

4Cs of Social Marketing
I recently ran across an interesting article on Social Marketing published in the Pike County Courier journal. The article was based on a workshop hosted by the Tri-State Chamber of Commerce at Delaware Valley High School.

The purpose of the Social Marketing workshop was to educate and share with 60 new entrants to Social Marketing the essential 4Cs to implement this new marketing channel:

  • Create
  • Communicate
  • Collaborate
  • Connect

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Marketing Mix for 2017


With the New Year just round the corner, now is the time to evaluate your marketing mix of 2016. A clear evaluation of your current year’s marketing mix will help you plan intelligently for 2017.

The four elements of your marketing plan are the 4Ps: Product, Price, Place and Promotion. So let’s consider how to deal with each one of them. Continue reading …

Use Mobile Marketing to Drive Phone Leads

What does it take to make the most of your mobile marketing campaigns? How do you measure and correlate conversions to phone calls?

The chart below captures the amount of time an Adult User spends per day on Digital Media. As you can see between 2008 and 2015, an 11% year over year (YOY) growth was experienced in the time spent on Digital Media across Mobile, Desktop and Other devices.

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Intelligence Driven Smart Call Routing

Intelligence Driven Smart Call Routing

My earlier post discussed how businesses could use different rules within the AvidTrak inbound phone call routing system such that a phone lead would never be missed. Today, I would like to discuss how call routing rules could be setup with AvidTrak based upon intelligence gathered from location of the clicks and/or location of the caller to improve caller experience and as a consequence improve the chance of a lead conversion.

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Strategies for Optimizing Call Tracking Part II


In my earlier post I shared my views on how Specific Keyword Targeted Call Tracking allowed for optimization in call tracking. I also recommended that targeting high value and high cost keywords for optimization (by way of tracking phone calls) allowed an opportunity to see significant improvements in ROI. In today’s post I would like to share the tactics that AvidTrak Users implement to optimize their Display Advertisement and Content Marketing Campaigns. Continue reading …

Strategies for Optimizing Call Tracking


Very often we get asked the question from new call tracking users, “How many phone numbers do I need to use to track my Adwords Campaigns at a Keyword level? Do I need to get as many tracking phone numbers as the quantity of keywords in my account?” The simple answer rendered by most call tracking providers of Dynamic Number Insertion is to recommend a user to deploy as many tracking phone numbers as the quantity of hourly visitors to a website. So for example if a particular website receives 20 clicks per day via Adwords, then the recommendation offered is to use 20 tracking numbers. Continue reading …

Leveraging Social Media for Building Brand Loyalty


You’ve got the perfect product but now how do you make it a brand? Building a brand loyal customer base is a time consuming and challenging task, but intelligent marketing can help!

Smart Marketing entails defining your target market precisely and engaging your audience appropriately. Social Media is a powerful tool that allows you to do just this. For example with Facebook advertising you can choose the age, location, income etc of your target audience. You can adjust your ad content according to your market segmentation. Continue reading …

Never Miss a Phone Lead via Intelligent Call Routing


If you are a professional lead generator tasked with the objective of creating a maximum number of phone leads for your client, you would be quite frustrated to learn that many of the qualified phone call leads that you create end up not turning into sales, only because the phone call was not answered by your client. So how does a savvy lead generator ensure that his efforts are paying off for his clients and that he is able to justify his work to his client using data? The answer to the preceding question lies in the lead generator using the AvidTrak Advanced Call Routing feature. Continue reading …

Call Tracking – A Marketing Agency’s Best Friend

Call Tracking – A Marketing Agency’s Best Friend

If you’re an Internet marketing consultant your clients expect you to maximize their brand equity and ramp up sales volumes. But how do you go about proving your marketing strategies? How do you demonstrate to a client who doubts your strategy, that your tactics are likely to deliver results? What if despite all your effort, your client claims that he is getting no increase in sales? How do you overcome a situation where you are seeing increased traffic volumes to your client’s website but no evidence of revenues related to the increased traffic? Determining a correlation between website traffic and leads requires a full picture of lead flow. Continue reading …