Call Tracking for Addiction Recovery Centers

Call Tracking for Addiction Recovery Centers

Addiction recovery businesses operate in a highly competitive environment where coveted paid search terms are expensive and can easily top $80 per click to rank on the first position. And it is not uncommon for an addiction recovery center to spend upwards of $3,000 per day on Paid Search alone. Given the circumstances of high cost per click (CPC) and substantial advertising budgets a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Agency or an in house, online marketing specialist, will find in this post, opportunities to improve on their return on investment (ROI) on marketing spend. Continue reading …

Phone Calls Turbo Charge Your Email Marketing Campaign’s Performance


Email Marketing is alive, well and thriving. Email after all is the original “killer app” that allowed for personal computers to proliferate and set us on the path to billions of daily one to one written communications: whether it between two individuals or between a company and its client base.

From an ROI perspective, Email Marketing continues to generate the kind of returns that new platforms such as Social Media would envy. Consider the fact that Email Marketing yields a Return on Investment (ROI) of 38-to-1. This level of performance on ROI is among the highest in competing digital marketing platforms. Notwithstanding the pesky, unsolicited, get rich quick schemes, that get relegated to the email trash bin, permission based, opt-in emails do well. In fact 72% of respondents in a survey indicated that Email remains their preferred way of communications over other marketing channels. Given these mouth watering metrics of eye popping ROI results, coupled with customer acceptance, 56% of Email Marketers indicated that they would be increasing their Email Marketing spend in 2016. Continue reading …

What are the Variables that you need to measure and incorporate into Call Intelligence?


So what is Call Intelligence and how is it used?

Call Intelligence is a measurement of the various factors (or variables) that impacted the journey of your prospective customers to the point of contacting you by phone and a sale being booked.

By learning the touch points that influence a customer’s decision in contacting you over the phone; by learning how and what questions are posed by a potential customer, and learning how your agents respond to those questions in completing a sale, you can take steps to implement more of what works in generating a sale. Continue reading …

Content Marketing Need Not Be Challenging. Here’s how to get it right.


If you are reading this blog post then first of all thank you and second, our content marketing effort has delivered on our effort to attract targeted traffic such as you to our site. In that vein we would like to pay it forward by sharing great content that we came across in the Search Engine Journal on how Content Marketing need not be an overwhelming task and how you may undertake this task in a step by step manner.

In a forty five minute video presentation by Arron Goodin of Adlift, you will receive a step-by-step-instruction set on how you may come up with a Content Marketing Strategy and equally importantly, Arron shares the specific tactics that you need to do to execute on that strategy. Continue reading …

Wow! Can Conversion Rates Really Be Boosted by 45 Percent? Yes, They Can. Really. And Here’s How


Columnist Jacob Baadsgaard CEO of Disruptive Advertising has made a valid observation regarding conversions and how measuring all conversions could actually lead to a boost of up to 45% in your actual measured conversion rate. Now, to be clear, Jacob is not making the case that your lead flow will increase by up to 45% overnight. Rather, what he is saying is that by not measuring all conversions an Advertiser is short counting conversions from an Ad campaign. This short count of conversions has the potential to skew an Advertiser’s view on the effectiveness of his marketing campaigns and may result in the Advertiser cutting Ad budgets adversely. Continue reading …